Magic Submitter Review

Hello fellow SEOs!

Just a quick little review on what I’ve found so far with Magic Submitter

I had the problem of lots of sites that needed link building on a regular basis. I would write really good articles and would decide to submit them and create web 2.0 links each day, but after 2 days (sometimes 3) I’d end up distracted with other things and not get around to it again.

I’d see sites climb a page or two, and then slump back down after Google sees no further links being made.

Until I found Magic and only 2 weeks in and that has started to change. Magic offered one months trial for $4.97, and although it bumps up to $67 after the first month it’s still a lot less than it’s leading competitors like SENuke.

Magic is an autosubmitter, it’s quite easy to use but you’re really best studying the youtube videos first.

My favourite feature is that you can spend 30/40 mins creating a detailed three tier campaign, and in one click Magic will split the campaign into scheduled tasks to run everyday over as many days as you like.

I trialed it on my first site, an aged domain with ZERO link building. For a phrase with half a million results, it went from page 5, to page 2 in just 4 days. Crazy results but no exageration.

2 weeks into my first 21 day campaign and the website is now number 4 on page 1 for that phrase.
I was worried that it was going to be a honeymoon period, but the position has stuck and keeps moving up. The articles I’ve used are manually spun which has taken some time, but for page 1 results I really don’t mind!

Thank you Magic Submitter and long may results continue!